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Freedom To Quilt

The PQ3000 is a personal quilting frame that turns your Domestic Sewing Machine into a "miniature longarm machine".   Experience  the freedom to quilt!

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PQ3000 is transportable and is easily set up on any surface that is at least 60 x 30 inches.

One size frame - all size quilts.

Assembly is quick and easy - no tools required.

Use it to put your own free motion designs or marked patterns on your quilt.

Developed by a professional, award-winning longarm quilter.

"Affordable and Portable!" - Robin G. of Pennsylvania

Click here to see videos on set up and loading small and large quilts on your PQ3000!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the PQ3000?
The PQ3000 is a personal quilting frame. It is designed to have your domestic sewing machine sitting on a moveable platform. The quilt will be held in place on the frame while you move your sewing machine to quilt any patterns you desire.

How much does the PQ3000 cost?
The PQ3000 is priced at $599. If you are local and would like to pick it up there will be no shipping cost incurred.

If you are buying and having it shipped, the shipping and handling is an additional $150. This makes the final price $749.

What is included in the cost?
Everything you need to get started except the table and the sewing machine. The frame and all of the components are included.  

Where can I go to preview a PQ3000?
You can schedule a time to come see the PQ3000 at our Lexington, SC location or our Rock Hill, SC location.  You can also purchase it there if you like. Just call or email us to schedule a time.


How long does is take to receive my PQ3000 after ordering?
Once you place your order, you can expect to receive your PQ3000 within 6-8 weeks if product is out of stock.

I am really interested in purchasing a PQ3000, do you offer a layaway plan?
No there is no layaway plan for the PQ3000. 


How much space will the PQ3000 take up?
The PQ3000 is designed to fit on any surface that is at least 60 inches in length and 30 inches wide. It does not require a lot of space at all.

What kind of table do you put PQ3000 on?
The PQ3000 will fit on any table that is 60 inches long and 30 inches wide. We recommend an adjustbale table from IKEA that allows for the legs to be adjusted.


Will my machine work with this frame?
Of Course!! The PQ3000 is designed to fit any domestic sewing machine! It will handle sewing machines up to 19"  but platforms for longer machines are available.

What kind of machine is recommended?
You can use any domestic sewing machine. We recommend one that has a long throat so that you get a maximized quilting area.

Set Up

I just bought my PQ3000, how do I set it up?
Included in every PQ3000 box is an Owner's Manual which will give you detailed instructions for how to set it up. It is super simple and requires no tools at all.

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