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Bosal/PFF/Craf-Tex Kit for Tool Tote PS054 by Quilts Illustrated

Bosal/PFF/Craf-Tex Kit for PS054 Tool Tote by Quilts Illustrated

This listing includes only the Bosal Foam, PFF (Pellon Fusible Fleece), and Craf-Tex necessary to make the Tool Tote pattern by Quilts Illustrated.  Included in kit:

-1/2 yd. Bosal #495S In-R-Form Single Sided Fusible Foam (58" wide)*
-3/4 yd. PFF - 987F Pellon Fusible Foam (45" wide)**
-1/3 yd. Bosal #337 Craf-Tex Double Sided Fusible Stabilizer (20" wide)

*NOTE:  There are three different versions of the Quilts Illustrated PS054 Tool Tote pattern in circulation.  One says 1/2 yd foam & 1/2 yd PFF, one says 1/2 yd foam & 3/4 yd PFF, and the third and most current version says 1 yd foam & 1/2 yd PFF.  I have personally made many bags and tested the fabric requirements.  You will have plenty of material with 1/2 yd of Bosal Foam and 3/4 yd PFF.  With the Bosal Foam retailing at $19.99/yd, this saves a lot of money!  (I have tried using only 1/2 yd. of the PFF, but it is REALLY tight and requires more layout planning).

**ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Pattern calls for Bosal 326LF/426LF Single-sided Lightweight Fusible Batting which they call PFF.  We have found that the Pellon Fusible Fleece 987F is exactly the same thickness, holds it shape slightly better during assembly, and costs significantly less than the Bosal 326LF/426LF material. (Pellon 987F retails at $7.90/yd.  Bosal 326LF/426LF retails at $12.00/yd).  This keeps the costs of the kit lower, and the quality of your resulting bag just as high.

Free shipping within the US over $50.  Limited quantities available.  Get yours now before they run out!

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