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Perfect Pinwheel Project

Show Your Sparkletm with Quilter's Express

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144 Swarovski hotfix flat back crystals #2038 size 10ss/3mm for border (sample uses Provence Lavender #283)
92 Swarovski hotfix flat back crystals #2038 size 10ss/3mm for dark triangles (sample uses Light Rose #223)
4 Swarovski hotfix flat back crystals #2797 Diamond Leaf size 8 x 4mm (sample uses Crystal AB #001AB)
12 Swarovski hotfix flat back crystals #2720 Cosmic Delta size 9mm (sample uses Crystal #001)
1 Swarovski hotfix flat back crystal #2078 size 20ss/5mm (sample uses Crystal #001)

2 squares 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" light fabric for triangles
2 squares 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" dark fabric for triangles
2 strips 12" x 2 1/2" border fabric
2 strips 16" x 2 1/2" border fabric
Binding fabric

Extra long tweezers
BeJeweler Pro hotfix tool kit
18mm Cluster Tip
Sewing materials to assemble the quilt (machine, scissors, thread, etc)


Draw a diagonal line across the back of the light fabric squares.  Lay one light square over one dark square, right sides together.  Stitch a scant 1/4" on each side of the diagonal line.  Cut on the diagonal line.  Each set will make 2 HST (half-square triangle) units.  Make a total of 4 units.

Lay out your HST units into a pinwheel - light pointing clockwise from corner point; dark pointing counter-clockwise from corner point.  Sew the left side together, then the right, then connect the two to finish the block as it was laid out.  Press seams in a clockwise direction.  This should create a center pinwheel on the back and the center will be as flush as possible.

Attach 12" border pieces to opposite sides.  Attach 16" border pieces to remaining sides.


Quilt as desired.  We quilted the sample in the ditch from one side to another in one seam.  Then added 2 lines per triangle - sectioning it into thirds.  Drawing lines on the quilt with erasable marking tool of your choice helps keep the lines straight.  Bind quilt before adding crystals.


Application of larger crystals will require more heating time.  As much as 30-45 sec is needed for #2720s.  The best way to apply them with less time would be to place the crystal on the quilt, hold a piece of batting (folded to 2-4 layers), then flip quilt over to heat from the back.  This will gain maximum adhesion in the least amount of time.  The remainder of the crystals take anywhere from 10-25 sec depending on the size.  Taller crystals need a longer adhesion time.

We began by applying the 20ss/5mm crystal in the absolute center of the pinwheel.  You will want to use either the 20ss/5mm divot tip from your BeJeweler Pro tool kit or the 18mm cluster tip available separately.  Next we applied 4 of the Comic Delta #2720 crystals in the dark triangle pieces - all pointing to the 20ss/5mm center crystal (see photo).  Finally to complete the center design we added the Diamond Leaf #2797 crystals in the light triangle pieces - all pointing to the 20ss/5mm center crystal.  For application of #2797 and #2720 we used the 18mm Cluster tip on our BeJeweler Pro tool.

Then we laid out the #2038 10ss/3mm crystals along the quilting lines in the dark triangles.  If you chose different quilting designs you can play with the layout to your liking before applying.  For more intricate designs you will need more crystals than listed in the Materials section.  We used 92 in the dark triangles.  Once you have decided on your final design you may apply crystals using the 4mm HotSpot tip in your BeJeweler Pro tool kit or the 18mm Cluster tip for groups at one time.  We do not recommend using the 10ss/3mm divot tip as it takes a more agile technique and they have a tendency to get stuck in the tip.  Use a pin in the slit to free your crystal if you have this issue.

Border corners:  Using the remaining 8 Cosmic Delta #2720 crystals place them flat ends together in the format that you would like them then using the 18mm cluster tip on your BeJeweler Pro tool to apply them one at a time.  Heating these from the back is the most effective way to achieve good adhesion.

For the remainder of border we grouped our #2038 10ss/3mm border crystals in groups of 3.  Be creative!  We tried to mimic the pattern in the fabric.  If you put quilting then you have the option of enhancing the quilting designs.  For our design we used exactly 144 crystals.  Your design may require more or less crystals depending on the crystal density.  Use the 4mm HotSpot tip for individual crystal application or the 18mm cluster tip for group application.

Congratulations!  You now have a sparking wall hanging!

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